Xerez Baluyot

Reina has always been very professional from the day I met her, she always reassures me that I can call her anytime  if I have any questions or concerns about the Tax Free Retirement and Index Account I got through her, she has not only been my Financial Representative but a friend as well.

Ezichi Oha

Reina is very kind, patient and accommodating. She will take her time to teach you about your finance and retirement and will make sure you understand. She follows up also. She doesn't want you to feel left out. She is willing to support and encourage you

Mercy Alpert

I have been attending the SIsterhood of Prosperity Workshops led by  Reina Dizon.

The main reason is because I wanted to further my financial education when it comes to how to save money, ways to make my money grow and to be surrounded by wonderful and positive women. Reina is very personable and truly cares about the women in attendance. I had a one on one with Reina, and she answered all my questions regarding finances and has made a difference in the way I handle my finances. I highly recommend that women attend these informative and fun workshops and have a one-on-one with Reina. You'll be glad you did!

Shiva Salehpour

When Reina presents Sisterhood of Prosperity, she is clear, precise and engaging .  She empowers all the woman in the room and always leaves ample time for everyone to network and socialize.  Her knowledge of the subject matter is portrayed is how she is able to effortlessly answer all my questions.  She is a authentic and genuine with all her answers, which puts me at ease knowing that she is completely trustworthy.  Reina is a beautiful woman inside and out with a great sense of humor.  Once you have been to one of her workshops, you will want to keep coming back each month to continue learning. The group of professional woman that Reina is able to bring together through her Sisterhood of Prosperity is such an asset to anyone that wants to promote and grow in their own line of professionalism. Thank you Reina for being the amazing YOU!   


Reina Dizon

Lic. No.  0H44296 

"Wealth is not about having a lot of money in our pockets, it is about having a lot of options.  Planning is the key, when  we plan we bring our future to the present so that we can do something about it now"- Reina Dizon

Inspired by the love and support of her family, Reina’s passion for financial planning education has strong roots. This passion fueled her to create strategic partnerships with her clients that assist them in both growing and preserving their precious assets.

By offering ongoing workshops covering various topics including wealth, money basics, financial planning for college, and the often neglected pre-need planning, she continually shows her clients the latest information on how to make the best decisions for their own family.


Within each workshop, Reina teaches individuals the importance of safe money strategies using a tax-sheltered investment approach so that their principal investments are protected. She shows how wealth can increase under these circumstances without sacrificing peace of mind.

Watching her young daughter Czarina grow, she understands the need for parents to think about how to obtain free money for college.  It is a daunting, expensive endeavor and one no parent wants to get wrong. She partners with college planning experts and is an advocate to help all families with this important task, particularly those who are in grades 10 and above. Her goal is for each student to be accepted to and able to attend a “best fit” college without jeopardizing their parents’ retirement savings. 

Reina loves teaching others to be successful in business and money both one-on-one and in a group setting. As such, she is a sought-after presenter for her workshop, club called "Sisterhood of Prosperity".

This networking group empowers women in the area of finance, health and relationships.

Reina lives in Reseda, CA with her husband Roberto, a Mechanical Engineer whose passion lies in the automotive industry, and her daughter, an elementary student at a local STEM Magnet school.  Czarina is the motivation for them both to grow personally and as a family.  The mutual support existing within the family is the cornerstone for their success.


Reina prides herself on being able to support others on their journey to wealth.