No doubt that dealing with a loss of a family member is an emotional and stressful situation no one wants to be in while arranging a funeral. It requires a lot of information and time in organizing what is needed.  No grieving family members are comfortable handling the funeral arrangements and unable to think clearly which often times lead to rush and disorganized decision, unaware to take into consideration the deceased wishes and wants on their funeral. Unfortunately, in most instances people are unprepared during a loved one’s death, not only emotionally but financially as well.


Reina learned these lessons first-hand when a family member passed away.  Leaving her family under the impression that everything has been taken care of.  In the end, some was but some wasn’t – the plan was not complete.  Funds that could have contributed towards a growing legacy were poured into funerary costs out of necessity and urgency. Pre-need planning would have solved these problems for her family. This now led Reina to offer this service to others.


Pre-need planning aims to eliminate these rush decisions, saves time and money, giving you more chance to do what you need to do at the time of a loved one’s death – grieve.  With this type of financial planning, you make arrangements for it before the time comes and can find comfort in the fact that your loved ones won’t have to think about what kind of casket or flowers would please you during their most difficult time.


Homesteaders Life Company, a  federal regulated insurance company that helps fund a pre-need planning  contract, conducted a survey to learn more about the experiences of their existing policy owners.  Here are a few of the insights revealed during the survey:

  • 96% of surveyed policy owners (?) are "completely" or "very" satisfied;

  • Surveyed policy owners are highly likely to recommend prearranging;

  • Most surveyed policy owners prearrange to eliminate burdens.


In addition, you can personalize your own services, deciding what you want and do not want on how you want to be remembered, avoiding conflicts and disagreements between the living family members.  You can pre-pay for your funeral ahead of time, relieving your family of the financial burden at the time of loss and emotional distress.