Pre Need Planning

Arranging, planning and funding your funeral ahead of time has many benefits for you and your loved ones:

 ✔ Relieves unnecessary stress, anxiety, uncertainty and additional grief because surviving family members don't need to make funeral arrangement decisions at an already highly emotional time.


 Allows you to record your own unique wishes so your family will not have to guess what you would have wanted. 

 ✔ Helps you and your loved ones make informed, thoughtful decisions instead of hurried ones that may lead to later regrets.

 ✔ Allows you to make these important decisions together - not alone.

 ✔ Removes possible conflict and misunderstanding about your wishes among family members.

 ✔ Reduces the chance that your family will "emotionally overspend" on final arrangements.

 ✔ Lets you determine how much you can afford to spend on your funeral. Making decisions in a calm setting leaves no financial surprises or strain for your family.

 ✔ Protects you against the effects of inflation by transferring the risk of inflation of funeral costs to the funeral home. Once you fund your prearrangement, your cost will never increase regardless of what prices are at the time of need.**

 ✔ Offers flexibility since prepaid funeral funds are assignable to almost any funeral home in the country.

 ✔ Gives you true peace of mind, knowing you have taken care of your final arrangements as your last gift to your loved ones.

*Information courtesy of Homesteaders Life Company.

**Rules vary by state, exceptions may apply. Please contact your funeral professional for additional information.