Tailored College Counseling Sessions

Our College Counselors are simply the best. In order to become a counselor for College Planning Experts our counselors must have certifications in counseling or a Master’s degree in a related field. Plus… they’re fun, young, and innovative.

Our CPE counseling team will work with your child to motivate him/her towards success. With our assessment results, our counselors will find different majors that feed into your child’s dream job, and they will use those majors to syphon down 4,000+ colleges into a much more manageable list. They’ll work closely with your child to make his/her customized college plan!

College Match Software

Our program also includes something no other college consulting firm offers, and that is a Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) program that is accessible 24/7. This software goes well beyond Naviance and can show you exactly how your child fares against the competition.