Find the Best Fit College and Career

With over 4,000 colleges and universities in the United States, finding the right “fit” can be difficult. You want to ensure your child will be happy and successful while in college and after graduating. We can help.

Personalized Career Assessments

We start with the destination first: your child’s career. That’s why you attend college after all, right? In order to discover your child’s passion, we will assess your child in four areas:

  • Skills

  • Interests

  • Values

  • Academics

All four are very important for finding the right career goal. Think about it– your child may be interested in football, but that doesn’t mean he/she plans to enter the NFL one day. Once we know your child’s talents, hobbies, visions, and abilities, we can find the perfect career match. That’s where our college counselors come in.