Bookkeeping Packages:

Our Bookkeeping Services fee is lower than the industry average.

Reliability is our core principle.

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*Starts at $350 per month



*Starts at $600 per month



*Starts at $1,000 per month

 ✔ Two bank accounts

 ✔ Monthly reconciliation with total of 100 transactions for both accounts

 ✔ Monthly financial reports (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Profit/Loss)

 ✔ Financial Analysis

 ✔ One on one meeting (online or in person)

 ✔ Two bank accounts

 ✔ Monthly reconciliation with total of 250 transactions for both accounts

 ✔ Process vendors invoice

 ✔ Monthly financial reports (balance sheet, income statement, profit/loss report)

 ✔ Financial Analysis

 ✔ One on one meeting (online or in person)

 ✔ Three bank accounts

 ✔ Two credit cards

 ✔ Monthly reconciliation with total of up to 500 transactions for all accounts

 ✔ Monthly reconciliation of business credit card accounts

 ✔ Process vendor 


 ✔ Prepare accounts payable summary for owners

 ✔ Prepare customer invoices/month

 ✔ Financial Analysis

 ✔ One on one meeting (online or in person)

Are you spending too much time reconciling your income and expenses from the past few months and crunching to put it together? Do you feel that the time that you allocate recording your financial transactions disables you from being productive in your business and beating your competition?

Worry no more, our affordable bookkeeping services will be here to provide you with an accurate recording of transactions. You will have not just one bookkeeper, but a team of bookkeepers that will be available to answer your questions. Our services will be a significant source of support so you can focus on growing your business and beating your competition.

Our bookkeeping team has 30+ years of collective experience working with multiple industries, with solid educational backgrounds in Accounting and Finance, Strategic Management, Marketing, and Business Administration. Our team’s business background is the foundation that we value, the hardships of establishing and running your business, and we will always embrace the importance of professionalism.


We take pride in our client relationships with integrity and flexibility to meet their expectations in providing reliable financial reports.

*Should you feel that our packages do not fit with your circumstances, please reach out to us and we will be happy to prepare a customized packaging depending on your needs. Prices are subject to change.