Our goal is to help you establish a personalized finance plan which provides you and your family financial success and peace of mind. Dizon Financial’s expert guidance will eliminate debt, fund college, properly set-up insurance, and create the means for a comfortable pre-need plan.

What sets us apart is our passion to empower and educate our clients with the fundamentals of finance, ultimately, making a difference in their lives now and in the future.


The main reason is because I wanted to further my financial education when it comes to how to save money, ways to make my money grow and to be surrounded by wonderful and positive women. Reina is very personable and truly cares about the women in attendance. I had a one on one with Reina, and she answered all my questions regarding finances and has made a difference in the way I handle my finances. I highly recommend that women attend these informative and fun workshops and have a one-on-one with Reina. You'll be glad you did!

— Mercy Alpert

​When Reina presents, she is clear, precise, and engaging. Her knowledge of the subject matter shows in the way she is able to effortlessly answer all of my questions. She is a authentic and genuine with all her answers, which puts me at ease. Reina is a beautiful woman inside and out with a great sense of humor. Once you have been to one of her workshops, you will want to keep coming back each month to continue learning. Thank you Reina for being the amazing YOU!   

— Shiva Salehpour

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